Hvordan vælger man de rigtige vandresokker?


Under klatring er fodbeskyttelse og komfort meget vigtig. Når foden er ubehagelig eller skadet, forsinker den ikke kun turen, men kan endda øge risikoen for fare. Derfor vælger du et par egnedevandrestrømperer en nødvendig forberedelse før turen inden klatring.

The choice of vandrestrømper is not based on the season! It must be based on the type of hiking shoes you are wearing. Because hiking shoes are harder than ordinary shoes, and mountaineering often has to travel long distances and step on hard hiking rocks, it is recommended to wear thicker socks for better comfort. Because the shoe body is very hard and heavy, and the upper is also high, thicker mid-cut vandrestrømper must be selected. The vandrestrømper must also be higher than the upper, so that they are not easy to be uncomfortable due to friction. You can also choose vandrestrømper with thicker shock absorption design. The body of the shoe is softer than the heavy-weight boots. You can choose thinner vandrestrømper, but it is recommended to keep a certain thickness, and thevandrestrømper must be higher than the upper.

When choosingvandrestrømper, it is recommended to choose a smaller size, becausevandrestrømper have good elasticity and will be a little looser after wearing them for a while. If you choose too big vandrestrømper, it is easy to cause friction and blisters when walking. A better way is to use a foot measuring device, and then match the size chart on the package, which will be more accurate. If your size falls between two sizes, such as S size and M size, choose the smaller S size vandrestrømper.